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I was sick over the holiday weekend. Bleh. I am still feeling weak and generally not well.
There are lots of things I want to do, like try my hand at making cream puffs, or a new recipe for a chocolate cake. But I don't feel like doing any of those things right now.

I watched a lot of Bleach while being incapacitated by illness. I like Ichigo. Some of the female characters really annoy me though. (Yeah, I'm talking about you, Hinamori!)

Lee is supercute

I am having so much fun watching Naruto that I drew a doodle. I love Lee.
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I meant to come here and write an entry

...but I kept procrastinating. Bleh.

I have been watching Naruto and Naruto: Shippuden on hulu like a crazy woman. And now I want to collect the manga. Because I am obsessive like that. I am in love. I am particularly in love with Gaara. He is SO adorable. I just want to roll him up in a little ball and stuff him in my pocket.

Not much else going on. I did something to my neck a couple of weeks ago and it is killing me. :( Very cranky and unhappy about that right now. Boo.

Too Much TV!

I occures to me that I watch way too much tv these days. I've discovered the joy of hulu.com. Yes, my brain is quite mushy, thank you.
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I have recently discovered the joy of homemade tortillas. I am still finesseing the recipe and it does takes a bit of effort to make them, but the results are really tasty and I like them better than tortillas from the store. I use lard for my tortillas. Mmmmm. Lard.

One cup of flour (I like to mix in whole wheat flour) two to three tablespoons of lard, a teaspoon of baking powder and a pinch of salt, all rubbed together to a corse meal, then mixed with just enough water to form a soft pliable dough; let the dough rest for 20 mins or so then divide into balls and roll out into tortillas. Toast on a hot griddle(no oil) for 30 seconds to a minute each side. Keep covered to prevent drying out as you finish cooking up the rest.
That's it! Top with your favorite taco filling. I like ground beef with iceburg lettuce, tomatoes, sour cream and avocados. My taco would not be complete without avocados.

This also makes a pretty good flat bread to go with Indian food.

I bought some masa harina. I am going to try my hand at corn tortillas.

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Lots of things are contributing to making me feel blue right now.

What do you do when you feel blue?

Usually I try to read a book or watch a movie or otherwise try to get my mind off my own life situation. Hasn't been working very well. (Battlestar Galactica made me want to hurl, btw.)

I should go out and actually DO something. Something useful like work in the garden or exercise or something maybe. Or something totally useless. Don't know what that would be. It's a lovely spring day outside and I'm sitting inside staring at a computer screen. Blah.


I don't know if it's allergies or something else, but I've been getting really tired and sleepy at night. Usually I'm a real night owl and easily stay up waaaay later than I ought.
I'm still up late, but it's harder to do.
On the plus side, no more insomnia!

I just finished knitting up an iPod cover. The pattern is only a little bit complex but I like it. It's pretty. I only just got the #2 size needles in the mail. The are sharp and pointy! But now I can really try to knit some socks. Knitters seem to think that hand knit socks are something special. I've knit socks before, but I couldn't get them to fit right. With these smaller size needles I have more leeway in changing the gauge to fit the pattern. The iPod cover has similar gauge to a sock and I like the way the stitches turned out. Nice and snug.
I have lots of cheap fingering yarn to play around with too. Then after I get the technique down, I have nice sock yarn. Mmmmmm.

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Well, it's been a while

I just downloaded the LJ app to my iPod Touch. Maybe I'll start posting again?

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Its been over a month since I updated!

Time just kinda flew away from me.

Just watched Paprika the other day. Wow. It was trippy and fantastical and fun to watch, if a bit creepy. I was actually most creeped out by the butterfly-pinned-to-the-table scene. Yuck. The dynamic of female powerlessness and sexual explotation/violation in animes give me hives. Although this scene doesn't have the elements of some of the really offensice senarios (and you know there are endless offensive senarios of this type out there. Endless. Gah.) just the shadow of the thing made me uneasy.

The cop dude rules though.

Dr. Chiba... you have... strange tastes...

The voice actor for Tokita is Furuya Tooru, who I will always associate with Aumuro Rey. Listening to him mutter around in that geeky fashion cracked me up. It's Amuro all grown up... and fat!

I will definately recommend this film to fans of anime and those who aren't. It's imaginative, creative, and there is something very primal and satisfying about watching the parade of insanity explode down main street.


Big Snow

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